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Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Falling, Dead Goose Shot By His Hunting Party

Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Falling, Dead Goose Shot By His Hunting Party

A Maryland waterfowl hunter got a goose, but not in the way he expected.

Some people might say that it was a bad luck or karma.

Robert Meilhammer, 51, of Crapo, Md., was struck in the head Thursday by a dead Canada goose that plunged from the sky after a fellow waterfowl hunter fired a blind shot on a flock overhead. Meilhammer was in the midst of a hunting party with three friends in Easton, Md.

The goose fell about 90 feet, knocking the hunter out instantly and causing head and facial injuries. When Meilhammer came to, he was coherent but “hazy,” according to the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

Natural Resources police officers and EMS responders transported Meilhammer via ambulance to the Easton Airport, where he was airlifted to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

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In Canada, Hunting and Preserving an Indigenous Way of Life

In Canada, Hunting and Preserving an Indigenous Way of Life

MANIWAKI, Quebec — When the Algonquin chef Cezin Nottaway was 5 years old, her mother taught her how to kill and skin a beaver with her bare hands. The little girl also learned how to snare a rabbit and to draw a moose out of the forest by emulating its haunting grunt.

“We were using local ingredients long before it became fashionable,” Ms. Nottaway, 38, said in her log-cabin kitchen on the Kitigan Zibi reserve, near this town about 85 miles north of Ottawa.

Here, she prepares dishes like smoked roast moose with tea and onions for weddings, wakes and charity events. Her company, Wawatay Catering, has fed elementary school students, a group of judges and even the former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark.

Ms. Nottaway, who took her company’s name from the Algonquin word for northern lights, is part of a new generation of Canadian chefs who are reclaiming and popularizing indigenous foods as part of a growing culinary affirmation of identity.

“Embracing this cuisine is a form of taking back what is ours,” she said.

That renewed interest comes at a time when Canada is trying to reconcile with its troubled colonial past. Among other abuses, government and church authorities deprived indigenous children of their native dishes at the “residential schools” that were created to assimilate them. The government also restricted access to food in order to clear people from land so it could be developed.

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Waterfowl Hunting Adventurous Outdoor Activity

Waterfowl Hunting Adventurous Outdoor Activity

If you are looking for the most popular outdoor activity for spending time outside your home then waterfowl hunting is the best option for you as you can indulge in this activity with few friends or with large groups of friends who have interest in hunting. This is an amazing outdoor sporting activity where you can hunt different birds including waterfowl which can be an enjoyable and adventurous experience as you can also consume the meat of waterfowl which is known to be very delicious in taste. While hunting waterfowl, you will need to follow the patterns of this bird so that you can do the preparation beforehand. Practicing hunting is the best way of ensuring that you can get a large number of waterfowls and this should start before the arrival of the hunting season. But you will need to know about the weather conditions of the place where you want to hunt as well as the feeding patterns of the waterfowl as it will help you in ensuring that you can hunt a large number of this bird.

Waterfowl Hunting Season

Waterfowl hunting is in rise during the hunting season that starts from October and you will need to have all the gears that are needed for hunting this bird for successfully catching the waterfowl in large numbers. This activity is generally undertaken in the hunting season that starts during the springs and winter as there is a rise in the number of waterfowl that can be hunted during these seasons. As this season is a long one, you will need to be well prepared before the arrival of the season so that you can visit the highly populated bird areas where the hunting can be done. Moreover waterfowl or duck hunting requires skills and training of the hunters so that they can store plenty of it for providing delicious meals during the winter months. Therefore it is important to accumulate all the information pertaining to the hunting tips, instructions and information that relates to the hunting of this amazing bird. This hunting is also referred to as waterfowl shooting or wild fowling that is prominent in places with large population of the waterfowl like the crop fields and oceanic coastlines where you will find a huge number of this bird.

Waterfowl hunting is the best outdoor activity that requires hunting skills. Hunting a waterfowl is filled with fun, enjoyment and excitement as you get adrenaline rush when you look for this bird and target it. As a hunter, you can indulge in this activity by following the best hunting strategies as well as waterfowl identifications skills that are needed for hunting. But you will need to be well equipped with the tools, gears and equipment that are needed for waterfowl pursuits so that you can enjoy the benefits of hunting efficiently for getting successful results. Therefore if you are looking for an adventurous activity that you want to indulge in with your friends, then this is the best option for you so that you can continue your love for hunting.

Importance of Pheasant Hunting Dogs for an Amazing Hunting Experience

Importance of Pheasant Hunting Dogs for an Amazing Hunting Experience

With the arrival of hunting season, it becomes very important to look for a companion who will accompany you for the hunting and if you love pheasant hunting then owning a hunting dog is the most important thing for you. This is especially very important because the dog will help you in your hunting pursuits so that you can enjoy this outdoor activity to the fullest along with being successful in hunting pheasant. Moreover when you have a well trained and active dog with you, you can start hunting because it is the best way of distressing amidst nature while looking for pheasants.

Pheasant Hunting Dogs

prairie dog huntingPheasant hunting dogs is the best way of enjoying this sports that is prevalent among people who loves to spend time in this outdoor activity on a regular basis. Moreover this is the best upland game where you will need a dog as well as hunting license so that you can enjoy pheasant hunting as a hunter. The best part of this outdoor activity is that the dog that will accompany you will sniff out the pheasant so that you can get the benefit of this canine who will be the best companion for you. It is important to take a dog because spotting a pheasant becomes very difficult in the open fields, grasslands and denser wooden areas and therefore it is important to take a dog along with you for having the best activity with you. The most important reason why you should consider pheasant activity for enjoying a memorable time outdoor is that pheasant is a crafty, tough and richly colored bird that is excellent option for hunting.

Prairie Dog Hunting

The success of pheasant hunting depends on the right selection of prairie dog hunting because as a hunter it is important to have the best four legged companion; you will help you in your hunting endeavors. Hence you can take the dog along with you for heading into the hunting area so that the dog will work for helping you achieve your objective of hunting pheasant for complete pleasure. Pheasant is one of the most popular game birds that helps you enjoy this outdoor activity to the fullest because when you have the assistance of a trained and skilled hunting dog, you will gave the best tool that will aid you for bird hunting. There are different hunting dogs that will help you in your hunting but you will need to do proper research before selecting the best breed for helping you to hunt. There are different advantages of hunting with a hunting dog but the most important benefit is that you will have a great bonding with the dog who will use its skills and talents for helping you hunt the pheasant. The dog will also help you in increasing your yield as you will know the exact location of the bird so that you will not have to spend a lot of time looking for the pheasant. It will also help you in improving the results of the hunting trip that you take with the dog as you can rely on your companion for an enhanced hunting experience.

Hunting and Camping Essential Guide

Hunting and Camping Essential Guide

Whether you are a hard-core hunter, a casual camper or somewhere in between, the following are some of the most important items you should have on your list for your next outing. These items provide regular functions, emergency functions, and practical functions, making these crucial items to have in your camping or hunting pack.

Great for hikers too, these items are lightweight and take up minimal room, which is perfect for carrying everything you need in a lightweight pack.

The following gear are must-haves for any outdoors person who loves to hunt or camp:

Rocky Bear Claw 800 gram Thinsulate Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots. These hunting boots are durable, lightweight, insulated for extreme temperatures, waterproofed, camouflaged, and provide a medium-high fit to prevent rolling over ankles and spraining something while walking over tough terrain. These boots are perfect for a hunt that requires stealth and being light on your feet, and all without worrying about moisture getting inside your boots or becoming cold in the early mornings.

The soles are 3D welt construction for rugged endurance on uneven terrain. The cushioned foot bed reduces stress and the padded tongue and collar offers a snug fit. The rear pull-on loops provide easy on and off. These lightweight, sturdy boots are a must-have for any serious hunter or camper.

Marine Force Recon 16” Survival Knife. Whether you are just camping or pleasure or doing some serious hunting, it is always important to carry a survival knife. This corrosion-resistant, long-clip 11 1/2″ coated AUS-6 stainless steel blade is an excellent survival knife to bring with you.

This multi-purpose knife has an over-molded rubber handle for an excellent grip, a durable nylon sheath with snap closure, and offers a sawback, a sharp tip, a sharp blade, and beveled ridges for sawing. Another type of tool you’ll want to carry is a really good rifle scope.

10-in-1 Safety Survival Kit LED Flashlight Compass Flint Whistle Black. This multi-purpose tool is excellent for providing a number of emergency needs while not carrying extra bulk. This survival tool features a solid plastic housing as to store all of the equipment within the compartment of the flashlight. Containing a compass, 2 rulers, a small steel mirror, and LED flashlight, this gadget can help if you get turned around in the woods or need to keep on track with good, old-fashioned hiking.

The magnesium fuel block and a flint are included for easy fire-building. If you end up being outside longer than you anticipated, you cannot always rely on a lighter or rubbing sticks together to provide a fire when you are in need. This tool also contains a whistle for long-range attention, and includes instructions on how to make an SOS signal and an alpine rescue signal if ever in need. It can be strapped to a hiking pack or on your person using the strap it comes with or you can carry this small but diverse gadget inside a pack.

Sawyer PointONE All-in-One Water Filter. This water purifier is an extremely important and lightweight item that you will never regret purchasing and bringing with you during outings that are away from people and clean drinking water. As the adage goes, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. This light-weight filter can be, quite literally, a lifesaver. This filter from Sawyer can yield up to 540 gallons of clean water per day from any water source using the built-your-own gravity system.

If you find yourself needing to drink from a stream or standing water, this 32-fl. oz. water pouch is a lifeline. The small parts install quickly and easily, fits threads on most water bottles, has a faucet adapter for home use, includes bucket adapter, filter cleaner, filter hanger, and 2 pop-up drinking spouts.

This American-made squeeze filter fills most regular water bottles in just 20 seconds. If you use this pouch to collect water from a stream, the hollow fiber removes 9% of all bacteria such as cholera, salmonella, and E. coli, and the water filter allows you to fill up the pouch and pour the filtered and now-purified water into your mouth or water bottle.

It also removes the same percentage of all protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. This puts high-volume potable water in the palm of your hand. The cartridge life is an incredible 1,000,000 gallons of water. This is a must for survival and emergency preparedness.

Whether you love to camp casually or deep in the woods, or hunt your local wildlife during hunting seasons, it is important to always include some of the basic but very important survival gear that holds many functions without taking up much space or adding weight.

These items can be used during your outdoor activities and/or during emergencies when you have found yourself in a tough spot, potentially without clean water, having to make your own fire, and in the dark. It is crucial to keep your feet warm and dry, have the ability to filter water, have a multi-tool emergency kit, and have a multi-functional hunting knife for any needs that arise.